Lincoln artists use the sun to inspire creation

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- With the summer sun continuing to beat down on the city of Lincoln the last thing you’d expect to do is use the heat to your advantage to create art.

Two local artists did just that as part of the Lincoln Porch Art Palooza interactive stop.

Fine artist Hannah Demma and photographer Matel Rokke stood outside near 19th and C street to help Palooza goers create cyanotype prints.

“We’re [using] natural objects like leaves and feathers and you put it on the paper, and the sun is basically printing it onto the paper and then you wash off the chemicals in water,” said Demma.

The result is a special blueprint of the designs that participants choose to make by placing objects on paper that has been covered in chemicals.

But creating art isn’t the only option tourists of the South Lincoln event got to do.

They also had the chance to support their local artists by buying their original works which were displayed all around the sponsored houses.

It’s just really great to have the community support the local artists and have a chance to buy art for their homes at all sorts of different price points,” Demma said.

Demma said that she was glad to take the wet cash, due to the intense heat, as she sold goods that were enjoyed by those of varying ages.

So buying local is always an important thing, and that counts artists as well,” Demma said. It’s also just fun to get in this neighborhood where it’s such a different socioeconomic background that runs the whole gambit.”

The Porch Art Palooza consisted of neighborhoods south of the State Capital Building which had a predetermined 8 path that would take visitors through 30 porches with over 40 artists participating.

I just think it’s really fun to be talking about art all day,” Demma said. “It’s not even about just necessarily selling art, it’s just fun to talk to people who are interested in and want to learn about the processes that we use.” 

The event ended at 6 p.m. but for those still craving the art styles like the mediums Demma uses, you can visit her installation at Turbine Flats located on the corner of 22nd and Y street until August 20.



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