Lincoln bakery donates money to area students with lunch debt

LINCOLN, (Neb.) – A Lincoln bakery hosted a sweet fundraiser right before the holidays to help children across our area.

Butterfly Bakery is donating part of the proceeds from their Santa’s Meals Dine Out to pay off negative lunch accounts at Lincoln Public Schools.

Zander Rogers, the executive assistant, said this was a cause that hit home for some of the employees.

“I think it’s just something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time,” Rogers said. “A lot of us grew up on free and reduced lunches and we know that if we never had that option, we never would have been able to afford to eat at school. And we never want a child to never be able to afford to eat.”

The dine-out is part of the bakery’s Butterfly Effect mission. Every Saturday from January to September, they choose a school or non-profit to donate part of the proceeds.

This holiday season, they wanted to host a special event to give back.

10% of the proceeds from the dine-out are going directly to LPS.

Rogers said they wanted to give a little holiday gift to parents who might be struggling.

“We just hope it’s going to be easier for the families to get through this new year that’s coming,” he said. “There’s a lot of challenges that have been day-to-day, especially over the last 3 years. We’re just hoping it’ll alleviate some stress from the families and the children at school.”

Rogers said they’ve raised close to $1,500 already, and the community has been extremely supportive of the cause.

“People realize that it’s 10% of all sales going towards it but then they’re like, ‘Throw an extra $50 on there,'” he said. “We’re just blown away at how happy people are to donate money, especially during the holidays.”

Rogers said they just came up with the idea this week, so they haven’t had a chance to reach out to LPS about their donation yet.

He said he’s proud to be a part of a cause like this one.

“Lincoln always does a great job of showing up together and becoming a community when they need to be,” Rogers said. “You know, it feels great. I’ve never felt such fulfillment in my job and being able to support the community.”

You can still make a donation on their website, with 100% of donations going to LPS.

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