Lincoln City Libraries promotes its growing video game catalog

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Lincoln City Libraries took to Twitter on Tuesday to inform the community of its growing video game catalog.

The library offered a big promotion: People on a budget can rent games for free or can have a “try before you buy” experience with new titles.

Garren Hochstetler at Bennet Martin Library spearheaded the promotion, as he said video games provide narratives as rich as books and movies do.

“It folds in with our mission here at the library with books and other kinds of media,” he said. “You can try out video games as a form of community resource.”

He has worked to bulk the library’s stock of games over the past couple of years. It has around 500 games across all three modern home consoles.

“Video games these days do range from $40 to maybe $70 dollars new,” Hochstetler said. “We do buy new, exciting games, and we are trying to get what people are interested in.”

The library wanted to inform the public that it now carries AAA titles, which are the most popular games, that may be compatible with consoles they received for the holidays.

“Video games are pretty expensive nowadays,” Hochstetler said.

Through the library’s initiative, visitors can decide whether renting or purchasing games is the easier route.

Visitors checking out games must speak with a librarian before checking out, as some games are too tiny to keep on the shelf.

Libraries will be taking suggestions for new games and will work with other locations to share the new stock.

For more information on the libraries’ stock, check out each location’s online catalog.

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