Lincoln company joins global effort to combat Coronavirus

An epidemic taking over a number of countries, the Coronavirus.

For the first time in more than half a century, the Center for Disease Control ordered a quarantine of nearly 200 Americans who were evacuated from China.

One of those agencies, a Lincoln company called Adjuvance. They are one of only five working with the National Institute of Health to develop just one component of a vaccine, an adjvant, which works as an immune stimulator.

“Viruses have two pieces. So, there’s the target, you make an immune response for and there’s an immune stimulator. You make a stimulator piece so we can add it to a target for a variety of different things. We can add it to vaccines to make it better or to make new vaccines that are against completely new things,” CEO of Adjuvance, Dr. Tyler Martin said.

Dr. Martin says a test product could be developed as soon as 90 days for individuals already infected with the virus but with a trial run having to be approved by the FDA, dr. martin says it could be anywhere from six to twelve months before we see a widespread solution for everyone.

With the first human–to–human contact reported in the U.S. just yesterday, and cases continuing to rise, doctors are still urging people to wash their hands and avoid international travel.

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