Lincoln Costco Opens

        Residents have been asking for it for years and this morning Costco finally opened its doors for the first time in South Lincoln. 

        The 156,000 square foot building was constructed in only five months and is only the third location in the state. 

        Prior to opening the store had already sold over 9,000 memberships. 

        Governor Ricketts, who was on hand to cut the ribbon officially opening the store, was excited about the economic impact the store will have in the city, "This Costco employees about 200 people this is their third store so that’s great because again they pay great wages with great benefits so that’s wonderful they also bring people in from out of state which helps grow Nebraska."

        Shoppers were eager to find good deals and unique products. 

        The stores manager promised shoppers they could find just about anything in the store. 

        "We sell everything from a prime ribeye steak you can get a 140,000 ring you can get a high end purse you can get hearing aids you can get anything," said manager Clay Bradshaw.

        Not everyone was looking for a good deal though, some shoppers were there to explore the new store and sample some of the products Costco carries. 

        "I’ve had their pastries, their excellent beef tenderloin, granola, some almond milk, I’m getting full," said shopper Richard Johnsen.

        Costco is open 7 days a week, weekdays from 10 to 8:30, Saturdays from 9:30 to 6, and Sunday from 10-6.

        You do have a be a member to shop at Costco.

        Memberships range between $60 and $120 and you an sign up at the store.