Lincoln dealership sees more interest in electric cars as gas prices rise

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Gas prices continue to rise, causing some in Nebraska to consider a way they can forgo the pump.

“Since gas prices have risen, we’ve seen a lot more uptake in local business,” said Dakota Buuck, general manager for Charged Automotive, a Lincoln dealership that sells only electric vehicles.

The dealership has had a lot more phone calls and people coming in, Bucck said.

“Nobody wants to spend $100 on a fill-up or $150 or whatever it is, depending on what you drive,” he said.

While more people are taking an interest in EVs, Nebraska is still struggling with the need for charging stations.

In February, the Nebraska Legislature proposed a bill to provide $10 million to install more charging stations. The bill didn’t end up passing.

In Lincoln, there are only 118 charging stations for EVs, compared to Omaha with 270 and cities like Minneapolis and Kansas City, which have over 1,000. That’s according to

“In order to make sure that we’re meeting the needs of all Nebraskans, we should make sure that electric charging stations are available in a lot more spaces,” said Jane Kleeb, chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party.

But even with the need for more charging stations, Kleeb said it’s important to give Nebraskans options.

“Especially now, in today’s current environment, when big oil can essentially set the price of gas, which is exactly what’s happening at the gas pumps right now, you have the ability to really plan for the cost of your vehicle and the cost of your transportation,” she said.

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