Lincoln expert warns against sharing beyond your means this holiday season

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A local financial expert says people can help those in need without breaking the bank during the holidays.

Financial expert Tim Kulhanek says finding great causes to give to is half the battle. Saving up money is the critical factor.

“Everyone wants to be generous,” he said. “But there’s more ways than just financial that you can be generous with. You can be generous with your time.”

Kulhanek says that people should make sure the organizations they donate to align with their beliefs.

“There’s different websites like Charity Navigator that can show you kind of how the money is used,” he said.

Kulhanek added that asking questions can also help you determine what’s best, without breaking the bank.

“What are some more creative alternative strategies for again, being generous to those that improve my life without breaking the bank,” he said.

Local nonprofits, like the YMCA of Lincoln, raised nearly $20,000 because of “smart givers” this year.

“It was amazing just to see all of their community come together and help us not only reach that but exceed that,” said Dani Bryant, the developmental director at the YMCA.

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