Lincoln family waits a year for a new car amid supply chain backlogs

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Megan Connealy, a local photographer and mom, waited a full year from the time she and her husband picked out their new car to the time they drove it home.

“They said we could order, and at that point, they said three to four months’ wait time,” she said. “And we thought, ‘Well, that’s OK; it’s worth it for the car we want,’ and it ended up being a lot longer than that.”

After multiple missed deadlines from the dealership in Omaha, her family got the new car into their driveway last week, almost one full year since they originally tried to order it.

In that yearlong wait, Connealy continued to need extra space and a more reliable vehicle for her family.

“Being a mom with lots of different things that kids bring, I need the space and the reliability of a new car,” she said.

Her family had been driving a 10-year-old vehicle that was on the verge of breaking down for good.

While delivery times aren’t as long now, supply chain backlogs are still delaying manufacturing, so you could wait a few months.

James Colombi, internet sales director at Baxter Toyota, said it’s taking three months or more to get deliveries in, depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

Hybrids and Prime models are taking even longer, with buyers looking at a minimum six-month wait.

“We’re limited to what comes on the trucks,” Colombi said. “Our days get excited when we get an email that says the truck is on its way here to the dealership.”

The market likely won’t return to normal for another 18 months, and as far as the number of cars sitting in lots, experts say that likely won’t rebound anytime soon.

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