Lincoln fifth grader is a published author

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A Lakeview Elementary School fifth grader has published a book.

Brooklyn Green said “Act” was inspired by her real life.

With a mind she described as a “race car brain,” she dreamed up the idea after a sleepless night, she recounted.

“It was about a girl before I decided her name to be Grace,” she said. “And she and her friends, they work together to help the school take charge when they really need them.”

Her book follows Grace on an adventure to solve the school play mystery while working with friends.

Katie Nelson, Brooklyn’s teacher, said she loved seeing the final product.

“She was able to have that accomplishment and to experience that success with finalizing and having that published,” she said.

When asked how her classmates reacted to her writing a book, Brooklyn said everyone was shocked.

“They just looked at me and said, ‘Kids don’t publish books.'”

Despite the naysayers, Brooklyn said her main hope is that other kids are inspired to accomplish their goals as well.

“I just hope that when other little kids, they read my book, they can get that message, too: that they can accomplish what they like to do, even though they’re still a kid.”

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