Lincoln Fire Fighters Association endorses Leirion Gaylor Baird for mayor

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — The Lincoln Fire Fighters Association endorsed Leirion Gaylor Baird in the race for mayor.

During a press conference on Thursday, Union President Adam Schrunk spoke on why they believe the mayor deserves another four years in office.

Since taking office, Schrunk said the mayor had made significant investments in Lincoln’s firefighters.

“When COVID hit in our city, and our firefighters were responding to dozens of our citizens suffering from the illness, Mayor Leirion ensured that we were among those first in line to be offered the vaccines,” Schrunk said. “Ensuring a safe community isn’t easy, and it’s expensive. The mayor’s willingness to direct additional funds toward making that happen is evidence of her commitment to the safety of our firefighters and of our city.”

He said three rundown stations were revitalized under her leadership, and two more stations have been built.

The city also plans to renovate an additional station and recently purchased land to build a new one.

Schrunk also cited recent investments in Lincoln’s ambulance fleet and updated equipment for first responders.

“Public safety has always been my top priority and it will continue to be,” Gaylor Baird said at the conference. “I will continue to support our first responders with the resources and equipment and additional personnel and facilities that they need to deliver on public safety for our community.”

To receive the endorsement, candidates were asked to reach out to the union, fill out a survey on their priorities and sit in for an interview.

The mayor and Suzanne Geist were the only candidates interviewed. Stan Parker did not reach out to the union, Schrunk said.

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