Lincoln Fire & Rescue promotes Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Lincoln Fire & Rescue is working to promote Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month, which is right around the corner.

Among firefighters, occupational cancer is the leading cause of death, accounting for over 74% of line-of-duty deaths, according to the International Association of Fire Fighters.

Battalion Chief Jim Bopp said LFR takes daily precautions to keep its firefighters safe.

“One of our biggest exposures was not wearing our respiratory protection during overhaul,” he said. “We’re constantly educating, reinforcing throughout their entire careers.”

Adam Schrunk, president of the Lincoln Fire Fighters Association, says over-used gear could also be a factor causing cancer in firefighters.

“It used to be a badge of honor to have filthy gear,” he said. “We found out since then, that our gear itself, has cancer-causing agents built right into it.”

To help prevent occupational cancer, Schrunk asks the community to support legislative bills that keep firefighters safe.

“We just want the public to know that it’s not just getting burned up in a fire – it’s other illnesses too,” he said.

The International Association of Fire Fighters partnered with the Firefighter Cancer Support Network to designate January as Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month.

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