Lincoln Goodwill accepts electronics donations year-round

The non-profit held an electronics drive on Saturday for people to recycle old technology.

Did you know that Lincoln Goodwill takes electronics?

The non-profit organization held an electronics drive today to accept donations, promote recycling, and raise awareness that they accept electronics donations, year-round.

“We always, year-round, accept electronics, but a lot of people don’t know about it,” Lincoln Goodwill communications director Anne-Marie Maher said. “This really helps spread the word that we take electronics at all, and it also helps us gets the word out about our partnership with Dell.”

Through what’s known as the Dell Reconnect Program, Goodwill and Dell partner up to recycle computer equipment. Donors can bring their old technology to any Goodwill across the country. From there, Goodwill sorts through the equipment, determine which items can be resold or repurposed, and has Dell pick up the remaining equipment to be recycled.

“It definitely feels good to us that we are helping the environment,” intern Alana Sesow said. “People will come up and ask, ‘Oh, are cords okay? Are lamps okay? I have some mice,’ and we say, ‘Yup, we take all of that.’ They’re just really appreciative that they have somewhere to put it that’s somewhere different than just throwing it away.”

Goodwill accepts most electronic donations, everything except for televisions and microwaves, free of charge. People who donate can request a receipt for tax purposes.

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