Lincoln man survives COVID, donates plasma, and wants to inspire you to donate

A Lincoln man fought COVID-19, then decides to helps others by giving something of his own.

LINCOLN Neb. (KLKN) — A Lincoln man fought COVID-19, then decides to help others by giving something of his own.
“I thought I was going to be asymptomatic and whoa, a couple of days later I’m in the hospital and can hardly breathe and I’m almost going to die,” said Terry Sebora.

Sebora was one of Bryan Health’s first COVID 19 patients when the pandemic started back in March.
“Apparently, I was very very bad when I came in,” said Sebora. “My heart rate was at about 38, my oxygen level was at 76, and I’m not a doctor but from what they told me, these are both pretty low.” 
After 41 days in the hospital and going through therapy, he decided to give back, donating his plasma to the Lincoln Community Blood Bank.

“I called the Lincoln Community Blood Bank and said are you taking people in for convalescent plasma and they said ‘Yeah come on down,'” said Sebora. “So, I went to 84th and O and I’ve been giving plasma about every two weeks since the 27th of August.”
Sebora says what makes him feel so good is that his plasma is helping current COVID patients recover. He says donating is a way to say thank you to all the Bryan Health workers who extended his life and he wanted to do something to make them proud. The blood bank told Sebora his donations were very much needed.

“They told me I was a super donor, that my covid numbers, plasma antibodies numbers, were so high that they were happy to see me back every two weeks into the future,” said Sebora. “I’m happy to go. So, we have a good deal going on.”
He hopes just two or three people will be inspired by his survivor story and give plasma to the Lincoln Community Blood Bank.

“I just think it would be a nice thing if more people would just go down and get tested, have their blood test for COVID plasma antibody convalescent antibodies, and then get in the game,” said Sabora. “You know to get involved.”

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