Lincoln Northeast helps UNL build homes for flying squirrels of East Campus

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – UNL’s School of Natural Resources teamed up with Lincoln Northeast High School to build houses for flying squirrels.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln says the squirrels are very new to the area.  They were discovered on East Campus as recently as a year or two ago.

The goal is to keep the squirrels from burrowing in trees and leaving holes in them.

The squirrels may seem cute, but without the houses, they can cause safety risks.

“The difficulty, though, is in urban environments, the places that those flying squirrels like to live — that is, in hollows in trees — are also the things that make trees dangerous in urban environments for humans,” said John Carroll, director of the School of Natural Resources.

Trees with holes in them are a safety hazard because they aren’t as structurally sound and a little wind could cause a branch to fall.

Not only will the boxes keep people safe, but they will also protect the squirrels from other wildlife.

If you want to build flying squirrel boxes for your home, you can view the project and the instructions here.

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