Lincoln official concludes his final election day before retirement in January

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- Dave Shively has served the Lincoln-Lancaster area for over two decades with this past Midterm Election marking his last.

Appointed in 1999, Shively’s final day on the job is January 20th as elections commissioner, he says he hopes his legacy is recognized as “fair”.

“I hope it is that I’ve been known to be fair, respectful to candidates and voters, and conducted elections honest, with the utmost integrity,” he said. “I think I have done that.”

Governor Ricketts reappointed him in the following years, Shively noting as time changed, so did his surroundings, election cycles, and voter’s needs.

“Over the years too, as technology has changed we have to adapt to that, as security issues have changed we’ve had to adapt to that, and so we’ve made a number of changes over the years,” Shively said.

Never drafting a poll worker, Shively pointed out during his last election day, is a feat he’s proud of and hopes it never changes.

“We’ve been very fortunate Lancaster County that we’ve never had to draft board workers, or Election Day workers,” he said.

“We do have the ability to draft people, much as you do for jury duty, but we haven’t had to do that, maybe someday Lancaster have to do that…I hope not.”

Shively went on to say regarding his successor to be appointed next year by Governor elect, Jim Pillen, learning the process is key.

“You need to learn the process first, and then make your decisions on how you want to make changes within the office,” said Shively.

“Take time to learn first, and then don’t be afraid to ask other people what they do, ask questions to other people and make sure you understand that.”

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