Lincoln Public Schools working to prevent shootings, make sure students aren’t scared

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Lincoln Public Schools Superintendent Paul Gausman addressed school safety following recent shootings, including the tragedy in Nashville this week.

Speaking at Tuesday night’s school board meeting, Gausman stressed the importance of immediately reporting concerns when something doesn’t feel safe.

He said every single report the district receives is taken seriously and thoroughly investigated.

Gausman is also trying to remove any possible hesitation that could cost lives.

He said the district doesn’t need you to verify a concern before you report it.  LPS simply needs you to raise the alarm before it’s too late.

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Gausman added that the district’s safety experts are continuing to work with local, state and national law enforcement.

They’re shared goal is to develop protocols that keep students and staff safe, while balancing the need for a learning space that doesn’t feel scary or punishing.

“Anytime there is news of another tragic, senseless act of violence, especially targeting children and our schools, it causes concern,” Gausman said. “Every child absolutely deserves to go to school in a safe and loving environment that fosters learning, and every staff member deserves to go to work and not fear for their life.”

He finished his speech by saying you can report any concerns to staff members or local law enforcement or use the green Safe to Say button on the district’s website.

You’ll find it on the bottom-left corner of each page.

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