Lincoln residents celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s 214th birthday at the Nebraska History Museum

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — The Nebraska History Museum hosted a birthday celebration in honor of the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln on Saturday.

Volunteers gave attendees an inside look at the former President’s life, with something to take away no matter how old you are.

To help the younger audience have an immersive experience, volunteers from Lincoln High School’s student council set up craft stations so kids could decorate beards and hats to resemble Lincoln’s memorable look.

Council member Kennedy Bartee said she worked with the museum to organize student volunteers for the event.

“We we’re looking for volunteer opportunities in the community,” she said. “I knew some people at the museum and I reached out.”

The students ran the craft booths and a Lincoln-themed Jeopardy attraction.

Student council president Marlana Saalfeld supervised the Jeopardy booth which had varying levels of difficulty.

“I think that’s really important to celebrate him and the accomplishments he’s helped the United States with,” she said.

The two council members said the comments some of the kids made were entertaining.

“It’s really awesome to expose the young kids here,” Bartee said. “One of the little kids didn’t even know he was a President.”

The festivities continued into the afternoon with Civil War reenactors speaking in character about facts of Lincoln’s life.

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