Lincoln residents swarm hardware stores to get ready for the snow storm

Ace's Hardware says customers have been in "non-stop" over the past two days to buy shovels, salt and snow blowers for Saturday's big storm.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – It’s been a busy couple of days at the Ace Hardware Store off of 40th and Old Cheney.

An assistant manager tells Channel 8 that customers have been in “non-stop” to buy shovels, salt and snow blowers for Saturday’s big storm.

Some customers, like Dennis Stephens, owner of Mr. Yards and More, are getting ready to help clean up the town after tomorrow’s snowfall.

“We weren’t 100% ready to go, so we had some phone calls, we need to go get some ice melt down real quick,” Stephens said. “Instead of running around town, we just came in bought a couple of cheap spreaders.”

Mr. Yards is contracted by the city to help with the cleanup of parking lots and around city buildings.

River Hutton says this is his second winter working with the company. He knows Saturday will be hectic, but he’s ready for the challenge.

“A lot of headaches, a lot of manpower for sure, and just, the will to do it,” Hutton said. “You can hire a bunch of people to do it, and when it comes down time to do it, some people they just don’t pick up the phone or they pretend like they’re sleeping.”

“As long as you got a good head on, you just push through everything that’s thrown at you and you’ll do good. You’ll get it done.”

Mr. Yards will have six trucks on the road tomorrow. Hutton says contractors work in pairs, with one person in the truck plowing snow, while the other clears the sidewalk and lays ice melt down.

Stephens says the night before a big snowfall is always a stressful time for people in the snow plow industry, but he’s prepared for whatever nature brings.

“I’ll be honest, the stomach is in knots, but we’ll get through it and once we get in the moment, it will be fine,” Stephens said. “Up until then, [we’re] trying to get prepared, everything’s anxiety. But that’s just part of the beast.”

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