Lincoln widow travels to Mead to get sod for husband’s grave

When a Lincoln widow was told a funeral home did not have enough sod to cover her husband’s grave, she took matters into her own hands.

LINCOLN, Neb (KLKN) – Kay Traudt visits Wyuka Cemetery every day to water the sod that now covers the grave of her late husband, Harvey.

“I think it means closure on the family to help us,” she said. “Harvey was a great man and we wanted to make sure that everything is good for him after he passed away now.”

Harvey passed away in May of this year. However, due to material and labor shortages brought about by the pandemic, he was buried without sod or a tombstone to cover his grave.

“They say that they can’t get it because of the virus,” Traudt explained. “The timing was bad as far as raining and cutting the sod and putting it down. They don’t have manpower to put it down. They don’t have people to water it once it gets down.”

So she took matters into her own hands. She went all the way up to Mead, Nebraska to get sod for her husband’s grave.

“I thought, if I can go get it myself, I’ll get it done myself,” Traudt said.

When she returned with the sod, Wyuka helped Traudt lay the sod on top of her husband’s grave and allowed her to plant a tree nearby in his memory.

In the months since her husband’s passing, Traudt says she spends most of her days at the cemetery, watering the sod on his grave. 

“It’s solitude for me,” she said. “I’m here with Harvey and I tell him what I’ve done during the day and talk to him. He doesn’t answer me back this time, but sometimes, maybe he will.”

Traudt says her next goal is to get a tombstone for her Harvey’s grave, although she says she’s been told that could take months, due to supply issues.

Wyuka Cemetery did not immediately respond to Channel 8’s request for comment.

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