Lincoln woman forced to leave Morocco over Omicron Variant concerns

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)– “Here we are in the dark in the early morning hours next to this propeller-driven jet, just like you see in the movie and jumping on board,” said Katie Pocras.

Katie was left with many questions and not many options when she found out her long-anticipated trip to Morocco was being cut short.

She said, “I booked the trip a year ago December, so a year, figuring COVID would be done.”

Katie had never even heard of the Omicron Variant when she left for her trip just over two weeks ago.

“I thought I was in pretty good shape. Vaccines, I keep my distance, I brought my mask with me, I wore them inside even though the level of COVID is quite small for what I’ve been told in Morocco. I’d wear masks when I go inside, I took the same precautions I did here, as well as a lot of hand sanitizer.”

Katie first heard concerns about the variant from her kids after Thanksgiving, and then American Officials told her and her group to get out now… or they could all be stuck there for a while.

Luckily, the tour group she was a part of helped find COVID testing, change plane tickets, all before December 5, when travel out of Morocco would be completely halted.

“It’s a real strange feeling, knowing you have to get out and not knowing what to do. Once we had the ticket in hand and the COVID test, I was really relieved.”

Though the trip may have been cut short, Katie still got to experience Morocco and see places she never had before.

She’d love to go back and see the things she didn’t get to on this trip, but for now, is relieved to be back home in Lincoln.

“I found the people warm, friendly, kind, the food is fabulous, and this history is just amazing… I was thankful for a smooth transition to get back. I think people have been a lot more patient in the airport because we’re all in the same circumstance.”

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