Lincoln woman loses wallet, finds it with $20 bill and handwritten note inside

"It definitely changed my day. So yeah, it's just amazing to see that Lincoln has that kind of people."

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Everyone can relate to the sinking feeling you get in your stomach when you lose your wallet.

Lincoln resident Elani Irons says she felt feeling that when she left her wallet in a Hy-Vee kids shopping cart. She realized he wallet was missing when she was at a restaurant and tried to order an alcoholic beverage.

“I was like, ‘Oh, well, it’s probably at home,’ Irons said. “It was nowhere at home. I tore the house apart. My boyfriend tore the house apart, and we couldn’t find it anywhere.”

Irons says her boyfriend suggested that she try calling Hy-Vee on her way home from work. With her car ten miles until empty and only $7 on her, she put gas in her car and gave Hy-Vee a ring. They said they had the wallet.

As Irons was walking out of the store, she looked in her wallet to make sure everything was there. That’s when she received a surprise that made her day, a $20 bill and a handwritten note that read:

“Found your wallet in the cart. Here’s $20 to turn your bad day into a great day!”

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Irons said she got emotional when she read the kind letter.

“It definitely meant a lot,” she said. “It definitely changed my day. So yeah, it’s just amazing to see that Lincoln has that kind of people.”

Irons has not met the stranger who returned her wallet, but says she would give that person a hug and say thank you.

“They may like to remain anonymous, so I respect that if they do,” Irons said. “I would love to thank them in person, if I could meet them.”

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