Lincoln youngsters showcase business acumen at LNK Kidpreneur Fair

ore than 50 kids in Lincoln showed off their entrepreneurial skills at Acton Academy's biannual LNK Kidpreneur Fair.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – More than 50 kids in Lincoln showed off their entrepreneurial skills at Acton Academy’s LNK Kidpreneur Fair on Saturday afternoon.

The young entrepreneurs say they got a lot out of the experience.

“Well, it’s really cool,” eighth-grader Finley Byers said. “I’ve never done this before.”

Seventh-grader Paige Schmickrath says she has been a part of the LNK Kidpreneur Fair before. She says her biggest takeaway from participating in the event is learning how to interact with customers.

“[My biggest takeaway is] learning how to talk with people and start conversations and make people want to come to your business,” Schmickrath said.

Acton Academy founder Zach Harsin says the biannual event is designed to help young people develop their entrepreneurial skillsets including money management and marketing, as well as other intangible qualities.

“The biggest benefit, I think, is just the confidence of doing something like this,” Harsin said.

Kid entrepreneurs say the enjoyed the opportunity to express their creativity at the Kidpreneur Fair, with some saying they could see themselves starting their own business in the future.

“When I grow up, I either want to start a business like this or become a real estate agent,” Magic Scrub by Kingston owner Kingston Aryan said.

Olivia Fox, owner of Foxy’s Homemade Candles, says her dream is to become a dancer, but would absolutely consider selling candles as well.

“I like to dance a lot, but I like to sell candles too,” she said.

Entrepreneurs from local businesses, Econic and Statrum Productions, judged the best businesses of the day.

The best nine-and-under business was Kaylee’s Creations. The best business for students ages 10 and up was Schmickrath’s Leaf-ly.

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