Governor gives a COVID-19 vaccine update

Gov. Press Conference 1/12/21

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- We’re live streaming the Governor’s press briefing that begins at 10 am, he’ll be going over the new vaccine registration system and other important community topics.


Part I

  • Ricketts will have a couple guests in the briefing today to discuss religious freedom
  • Saturday is Religious Freedom Day, also the Walk for Life event
  • Sister Renee Murcus comes up to the podium to speak on behalf of Pro-life Catholic health care providers to thank Ricketts for dedicating Saturday as Religious Freedom Day
  • A pastor also joins Ricketts to talk about Religious Freedom Day

Part II: Ricketts takes questions:

  • Ricketts is not in favor of mandatory vaccines/testing
  • Protests at Nebraska capitol: Ricketts won’t get into details about the security going into protecting the Capitol in case of inauguration day protests, the Nebraska Capitol building will stay open
  • There is no central depository for the vaccines
  • The state never physically receives the vaccines, Walgreens/CVS/etc. receive them and give them out to long-term care facilities
  • Vaccines are expected to be available to the general public in April / May
  • When asked why it’s not being considered to ban guns in the Capitol building in the aftermath of what happened last week, Ricketts affirmed that American’s second amendment rights would prevent that from ever happening…this comes after Michigan reportedly banned guns in their Capitol building today
  • “We have protests in the Capitol all the time, we encourage people to protest. The American way is to peacefully protest though.” -Ricketts



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