Possibility of less statewide COVID restrictions by Christmas

This event was previously live-streamed and has since ended.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Governor Pete Ricketts updates the community on the State’s vaccination distribution plan as we continue to fight against the coronavirus.

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According to Gov. Ricketts, our state coronavirus hospitalizations have “been below 15% now for four days. So if we continue on that trend we will be going from yellow to blue.”

Meaning, if we continue with low hospitalizations, statewide restrictions could relax even more by Christmas.

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When in the blue, the only statewide restrictions enforced is limiting indoor gatherings to 75%. However, local guidance remains in place.

Local pulmonologist, Dr. Kevin Reichmuth, was then invited to the podium to debunk popular vaccine myths.

The one on the front of everyone’s mind is the possibility of anaphylaxis.

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“The anaphylaxis does appear to be occurring at a rate more than what we see with, let’s say, influenza vaccination, which is roughly 1.35 cases of anaphylaxis per 1 million people vaccinated,” said Dr. Reichmuth. “I will tell you your risk of anaphylaxis is much lower than your risk of getting COVID-19 or passing COVID-19, and having a bad outcome.”

According to Dr. Reichmuth, if you have a history of anaphylaxis to vaccines, you should speak with your healthcare provider to decide what is best for your individual health.

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