Gov. Ricketts gives a COVID-19 update

Read below to see the highlights from the Governor's press briefing
Gov. Press Conference1/29/21

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- Governor Ricketts will be giving a community update on COVID-19 where he may have new information on Nebraska moving out of the blue zone.


  • Nebraska is in Phase 1B in most of the state -Ricketts
  • 54,000 people signed-up for a vaccine on the state’s vaccine registration system yesterday -Ricketts
  • The state vaccine registration system is only for Nebraskans
  • If you’ve already registered with your local health department, DO NOT register with the state system
  • The Spanish version of the site will be up by mid-February
  • Vaccine registration is NOT first come first serve, you’ll get an email notification when it is your turn to be vaccinated
  • You are encouraged to register for vaccination based on the county you live in, not the county you work in
  • We are on track to get into the green zone in the next couple of days, meaning COVID-19 restrictions would lessen
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