Local bars thankful to see new DHMs increase capacity, loosen restrictions

New Directed Health Measures will begin on Friday, and that's great news for local bars and restaurants.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – New Directed Health Measures will begin on Friday, and that’s great news for local bars and restaurants.

As of Friday, occupancy at food establishments and bars will now have a 75% capacity limit and customers will no longer have to remain seated. Patrons that wear their mask will be able to play pool, darts and other games again that have sat quiet the last several months.

“Now with our shuffle board being able to be open, the pool table, everything, will have more people coming in all the time,” Deb Overton, a bartender at Lancaster’s Lounge and Liquor store said. “They come down here just for the night time.”

Over at Lancaster’s Lounge and Liquor store, near 40th and Old Cheney, they have had it tough these last few months. The business does not sell food, so they have relied heavily on to-go drinks and Keno, but these new DHMs give the bar hope.

“We were just sitting here being open for Keno and take-out drinks and no one was in here,” Overton said. “It was a sad time, but now we are back, thank God.”

With more capacity comes more cash flow for the bar and brings more tips for their employees. These new DHMs may not seem like a lot to some, but to Lancaster’s this is how they will get back on their feet again.

“Little by little, we are coming back strong,” Overton said. “We will survive this.”

Other local bars and restaurants Channel 8 spoke with over the phone said the new relaxed rules coming Friday is great news.

These new DHMs will be in effect from Friday, Feb. 12th to mid-March. Even though the rules have loosened, officials have stressed to not let your guard down and continue to social distance and wear your mask.

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