Locals drop over 240 tons of tree debris after weekend storms

Hofeling says about 100 people have come with tree storm debris and is seeing a steady pace.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — The owner of Hofeling Enterprises says that his machines have been running for about eight hours and that they have ground about 240 tons of storm debris from the storm just from this past weekend.

“We see a lot of homeowners coming in with a lot of brush, small stuff, getting everything cleaned up in the yard,” said Scott Hofeling. Mostly from the branches that fall, but then the tree services start going out. They also have the same thing, but then that’s when the big woods start showing up, from the tree removals.”

Hofeling says about 100 people have come with tree storm debris and is seeing a steady pace, neighbors coming every hour.

His company takes the wood and grinds it into mulch, later selling it in bulk to consumers. He says the team prepares for the storms by organizing where the public goes and controlling the piles.

“When the storm hits, we have to have our people on point, everybody will be dumping,” said Hofeling. “So we have to keep that product pushed away, so everybody can come in, and then we’ll have someone pushing it away so everybody can just keep on dumping right there and stay on top of it, otherwise it gets to be scattered out.”

Customers pay a small fee to drop off waste and the company takes city tree debris for free.

But for those planning a visit, Hofeling says,
“We accept tree waste, we don’t, don’t put any trash in it. Just trees. So, we also accept some pallet wood and so forth but it has to be free from trash. No hardware, fence latches, stuff like that. So it has to be clean wood for what we sell it for.”

Hofeling adds the debris from this past storm could take them a few days to a few weeks to go through all of that debris.

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