Look for the yellow sign: Lincoln celebrates National Safe Place Week

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – If you drive around Lincoln, you may notice small yellow signs marked “Safe Place” on the front doors of some organizations and businesses.

This marking means that building is a safe location for a young adult or child can get help from a dangerous situation like domestic violence.

This week is National Safe Place Week, marking the 40th anniversary of the organization Safe Place.

Places you may see these signs include the People’s City Mission, which partnered with Safe Place in 2011. It offers many services to all ages, including safe rooms for boys and for girls ages 16 to 18.

The Center for People in Need became a Safe Place partner due to the number of people who come into its building looking for help.

“We wanted this to become a Safe Place so people feel not only comfortable coming for our services but a place that they feel comfortable period,” Director of Operations Steve Sheridan said. “We have a great staff who is very caring, so we just felt it’s a good fit for us.”

How does an organization become a Safe Place? Well, it’s actually quite simple. Just give the People’s City Mission a call, and coordinator Jennifer Danner will take it from there.

“It does not cost anything to be a part of the Safe Place network.” she said. “We will provide you with the signage, we will train you and we are here when you have a youth come in to help you out.”

There can be many reasons to become a Safe Place partner.

For Robert Danner, owner of Open Doors Computer Services, he wanted to get involved with the community.

“There are lots of kids coming and going in the other businesses nearby, so it just made sense to be here and be another location to easily stop in,” he said.

Julian Staab, owner of Cheer Xpress, decided to get involved because of how many kids come through his door every day, along with his close proximity to local schools.

“I really wanted to make sure that everybody knew, parents included, that this place is a Safe Place where anybody and everybody could come if they need help,” he said.

How about a business that’s open 24/7? Well, you’re covered there too.

Places like U-Stop that are open all day, every day are also Safe Place partners, which owner Mark Whitehead felt just made sense.

“We are open 24 hours a day at most locations, conveniently located all across town,” he said. “In the middle of the night, if it’s a safe harbor for someone in need, if need be.”

There are many other Safe Place partners throughout Lincoln; just look for the yellow sign.

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