LTU invites community to celebrate essential workers in Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Lincoln Transportation and Utilities is asking the community to celebrate essential workers during National Public Works Week.

Liz Elliott, the department’s director, says the workers’ dedication to their jobs supports the city’s infrastructure.

“Here in Lincoln, it just gives us that extra special time to recognize our essential workers here,” she said.

Elliott says that 600 LTU members spread across 11 divisions in Lincoln work every day to keep the city moving.

“They’re there every day regardless of rain, snow, 100-degree weather, or negative 30-degree weather,” she said.

Ken Hilger, a meter reader for LTU, said it’s an honor to be appreciated during National Public Works Week.

“They want to know when something goes wrong, they want something to happen and to be fixed and I believe that’s what we do with the city of Lincoln,” Hilger said.

Elliott says the community can highlight these workers by thinking of them while doing daily tasks.

“LTU is the foundation of our community and most of the services we provide we take for granted on a daily basis,” she said. “We don’t stop and think when we turn on the water faucet, what it took to provide that clean, safe drinking water. When you start looking around, you’ll look at the city in an entirely different way.”

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