Magic Moments: All Lincoln woman wanted for Christmas were basic necessities

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A Lincoln woman received a variety of household items in the last of Union Bank & Trust’s Magic Moments of the season.

For many, the basic necessities are not at the top of their Christmas lists, but for Suzy, they were exactly what she wanted.

“I haven’t had the chance to think much about what I wanted,” Suzy said. “It’s more about making sure I can get those things I need.”

She had multiple surgeries that kept her from work, which meant missing paychecks.

“All that stuff adds up, and I had around five months off work and it came down to, ‘What do I need?’ Suzy said.

The gifts presented ranged from Ziploc bags to laundry detergent.

And UBT staff didn’t want to forget about Suzy’s dog, Molly.

“[For Molly,] looking at some of these things it was stuff, it was things I wanted and needed,” Suzy said.

Molly was gifted a new dog bed, treats and a pet-specific carpet cleaner, something Suzy has wanted for a long time.

“They asked me what I wanted, and my first response was a carpet shampooer,” she said.

Giving these gifts was meaningful to UBT presenter Lauren Gusman.

“We were reading into her story as a committee group, and her story reached out and stuck with me,” Gusman said.

She said Suzy’s story resonated with her own personal experiences.

“It’s going to stay with me for a long time,” Gusman said. “Knowing that there are people out there that can just be recognized for having joy throughout their day.”

For Gusman, setting out to make someone’s holidays a happier time, then being inspired by the person she set out to serve has left her humbled.

“Having the struggles that you have had in your life and to continue on with such a wonderful spirit is very inspirational to me,” she said.

Suzy said the effort put into her gifts by UBT have made her holiday season one to remember.

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