Makit Market helps out small businesses and gives families something to do

Makit Takit Craft Studio launched the first annual Makit Market, to help out small businesses after a tough year.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Outdoor public markets were few and far between in 2020.

It’s one reason why Makit Takit Craft Studio owner Christy Nelson launched the first annual Makit Market, to help out small businesses after a tough year.

“We just moved here in January and so we decided to take advantage of our big parking lots and we invited vendors who have been really hit hard during the pandemic, haven’t been able to have in-person shows, and so we just figured we would make one,” Nelson said.

The Curtis family says it was nice to get outdoors and enjoy all the Makit Market had to offer.

“It’s refreshing to not have to wear masks and be able to enjoy the nice weather amongst friends and those you haven’t met,” Jonathan Curtis, a father of four, said.

Ella Curtis, a big sister to three younger brothers, says it’s great for the family to get outside after a hectic year in 2020.

“My parents both got COVID at the same time, so I had to babysit [her three brothers] for like a week until we realized that we all had it, so yeah, that was kind of crazy,” she said. “Being able to get out of the house and having them not be cooped up and getting to do something fun, and obviously getting slushies, I know that they love that.”

Vendors are appreciative that they are able to conduct normal business more frequently than they were able to last year.

“For all businesses, it’s been hard, but we’ve managed to make it,” Darrell Winford Jr. of GrannyWeavs Soul Food and Catering said. “As long as we keep doing what we’re doing, people keep coming out to support, we’ll keep doing business.”

“The last year was really slow,” Cat’s Canines owner Catherine Collier said. “It was really hard, but we’ve kind of been getting back to to normal. It’s been really nice to interact with people again without having masks on.”

Nelson says she’s happy to give families something to do while helping out small businesses after a trying year.

“I’m so excited,” she said. “It’s so great to have so many of our customers come out. We have people who have never been to our store before, so to be able to share, Makit Takit with them and just all these other vendors that have had such a hard year, to be able to bring customers to them, it’s been really good.”

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