Malone Center in Lincoln partners with former Huskers to coach track team

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Malone Center is partnering with former Huskers who say it’s their turn to give back to Lincoln.

With just one season under their belt, the Malone Center Panthers are preparing to start a new season with some familiar faces.

Athletic Director Michael Hunter, who has been with the Malone Center since 2019, said Huskers Ahman Green, Michael Demps and Erwin Swiney will provide a new outlook for the Panthers.

“I think it gives it life,” Hunter said.

Former Green Bay Packer and All-American Ahman Green returned to Nebraska to coach esports at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Green said it was evident that he also wanted to give back to the community.

“Helping out kids with track and making sure they understand the technique, the discipline and accountability that is built in,” Green said.

Micheal Demps, who played at Nebraska from 1998 to 2000, said the opportunity to grow while also giving back is key.

“One of the greatest things that you will get coming to the Malone Center is you will get guys with experience, that’s been down the same road that they’re trying to go down,” he said.

Lincoln native and former Husker Erwin Swiney said he knows the community well and is happy to support the Malone Center.

“I’m glad people like me, Ahman Green, and other Husker alumni that are able to give them great coaching.”

Ultimately, Hunter’s goal is to create a welcoming home for children across Lincoln.

“I just want to create something for family,” he said. “Just giving some of these kids the opportunities to do what every other kid is doing, but at an affordable cost.”

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