Man arrested after spending two days in Haymarket Park suite, Lincoln Police say

A Haymarket Park employee found Joseph Jarman, 32, barricaded inside of the suite after he had been in there for two days.
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Courtesy of LPD

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A man was arrested after he barricaded himself in a Haymarket Park suite for two days, Lincoln Police say.

On Friday around 11:45 a.m., a Haymarket Park employee found 32-year-old Joseph Jarman barricaded inside of a suite.

Lincoln Police say Jarman had previously been contacted by the employee for trespassing in a different suite on Feb. 22.  The police were not notified of this incident.

Jarman returned on Feb. 23 and used a cinderblock to force his way into a suite, then barricaded himself inside.  He stayed in there for two days until the employee found him.

Officers arrived at the stadium and found Jarman with stolen Husker and Saltdogs apparel.  Lincoln Police say Jarman also stole food items from the concession stands.  The clothing and the unopened food items were eventually returned.

Lincoln Police arrested Jarman on suspicion of burglary.

The suite door had an estimated $600 in damages, according to Lincoln Police.

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