Man sentenced for role in beating death of man in Lincoln

A man has been sentenced to decades in prison for his role in the beating death of a man in Lincoln. 

In front of a packed court room, District Judge Kevin McManaman on Wednesday sentenced Dominic Aguirre on counts of first-degree assault and attempted kidnapping. 

Aguirre, along with Paul Clark, was arrested on second-degree murder charges in connection to the death of Phillip Madlock. 


Investigators learned Aguirre and Clark had been searching for Madlock to collect on a debt for illicit narcotics. 

Officials said Madlock was assaulted at multiple locations in Lincoln, and his body transported to a location outside of Lancaster County.

Aguirre was sentenced to 40-50 years for the first count, and 20-30 years for the second. 

Aguirre pleaded guilty to the charges last month, after being charged originally with second-degree murder. 

Clark also took a plea deal and was sentenced to 60-80 years for his role in the crime. 



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