Mass fentanyl overdoses rising as drug is mixed into seemingly legit medication

DEA agents are already looking into Nebraska deaths, saying people are "truly playing Russian Roulette"

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Law enforcement from all levels have been warned of a rise of mass fentanyl overdoses in a letter from the Drug Enforcement Administration.

A mass overdose in Omaha in recent months left two dead and sent two others to the hospital, according to Nebraska Public Media.  Investigators believe cocaine was laced with fentanyl.

A mass overdose is considered three or more overdoses at the same time and place.

Nebraska Public Media also reports so far this year there are over 100,000 tablets containing fentanyl here in Omaha alone.

Authorities say there are two ways people unknowingly take fentanyl.

They’ll buy drugs without knowing they have been laced with fentanyl and become addicted. Once someone has used fentanyl just one time, they will have strong urges to use again.

People also buy fentanyl laced pharmaceutical pills online, with no idea what they’re getting.

An agent told Nebraska Public Media, “they’re truly playing Russian Roulette.”

That’s why law enforcement officials recommend only buying medication from a trusted pharmacy.

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