McCaffrey gets job done in 1st QB start

Redshirt freshman Luke McCaffrey led the Huskers to a 30-23 win over Penn State.

LINCOLN – Luke McCaffrey barely got any sleep last night he was so nervous for his first start as the Husker’s quarterback.

“We found out a little bit earlier in the week when we were game planning,” McCaffrey said. “And it’s an honor to be able to be on the field with these guys and this team specifically is an honor. I’m so thankful for each and every one of them.”

Luke lead the team to the 30-23 victory over Penn State, the Husker’s first win of the year. McCaffrey was 13-for-21 with over 200 total yards on the day.

“That decisions was one of the hardest since I’ve ever made,” Head Coach Scott Frost said. “I think so much of who Adrian Martinez is as a football player and as a person. We went with Luke, I thought it considering his first start he did a lot of really good things and there’s a lot there to build on.”

“You know there’s a comfort level that was grown throughout the game, and so that’s something that that is huge going into next week, and especially this week’s preparation,” McCaffrey said. “So that’s definitely the most valuable thing taken from this game. Then most importantly, we gotta win and so any way you can find a way to do that. We did a good job of taking what they gave us, not forcing anything too much as a complete team.”

“I thought Luke handled the situation well which says a lot about him,” Frost said. “Lot of kids in their first start would be really nervous and go out there and maybe make some mistakes and other than getting hit once when he was throwing and having interception I didn’t really see him make a lot of mistakes and that’s one of the keys to winning.”

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