First mixology class at the Barred Owl bar

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Lincoln, Neb. (KLKN) –

Lincolnites took to the Barred Owl bar located in the Scarlet Hotel to shake, stir and sip with the bars newly added mixology classes.

The classes gave those eager to learn the tricks of the trade the opportunity to hone their skills with a three step, three drink, hands on lesson they can use for future drink making at home.

The class offered hors d’ oeuvre’s for guests to sample while they made drinks and learned the skill required for premium drink mixes.

Director of Food and Beverage Jay Kulakofsky said people will learn the true art behind crafting the perfect cocktail.

“There’s a theory behind making drinks, I’ve heard it referred to as a pyramid, so you have your spirit, your alcohol and then you have something sweet. Proportions, ratios and balancing out your drink, but also your proper technique. There is a right way to shake a drink, there’s a right way to stir a drink.”

The Barred Owl will continue to have mixology classes throughout the year. You can check out their Facebook page for a list of times. They also  want you to remember to drink responsibly.

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