More than $4 million in grants generated by turnback tax go to rural Nebraska communities

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courtesy: Nebraska Examiner

LINCOLN, Neb. (Nebraska Examiner) — Turnback taxes paid at hotels and retailers near arenas in Omaha, Lincoln and Ralston not only help finance those facilities, they also provide grants for rural projects.

This year, 18 communities have been awarded $4.2 million worth of planning and construction grants from the Civic and Community Center Financing Fund.

Funds are generated for the grants via  turning back 30% of state sales tax generated by arenas and nearby retailers.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the venues reduced the amount available for awards for 2023, the Nebraska Department of Economic Development said in a news release.

The grants are used to develop civic, community and recreation centers in communities across the state.

Planning grant recipients:

  • City of Alliance: $15,000, Alliance City Hall recreation center.
  • City of Arapahoe: $15,000, Crystal Theatre renovation project.
  • City of Curtis: $7,500, Curtis city pool.
  • City of Falls City: $15,000, recreation/fitness center.
  • City of Sargent: $7,500, swimming pool.
  • City of West Point: $15,000, recreation center.
  • Village of Pender: $15,000, Pender library.
  • Village of Shelton: $7,500, swimming pool.

Capital construction grant recipients:

  • City of Bassett: $562,000, Rock County Community Center.
  • City of Blair: $229,027, Generations Park.
  • City of Gibbon: $150,000, community center renovation.
  • City of Imperial: $562,000, city square improvement.
  • City of McCook: $562,000, park and recreational improvements.
  • City of Waverly: $562,000, New Waverly Aquatic Center.
  • City of Wayne: $562,000, Prairie Park.
  • City of Wood River: $562,000, Legacy Station.
  • Village of Bruning: $215,342, playground equipment and rRenovation.
  • Village of Pickrell: $165,000, community center.
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