Murdock Murder Suspect Set Free

Cass County Prosecutors dropped murder charges against Matthew Livers.

Livers was accused of killing his Aunt and Uncle Wayne and Sharmon Stock.

Back in October, the prosecution also dropped charges against Livers' Cousin, 22-year-old Nicholas Sampson.

For the last seven months, Matthew Livers has sat in jail, accused of murder after he admitted to killing the Stocks.

But, his Attorney's say it was a forced confession.

In a press statement released by Liver's Attorney, they say during the investigation process Livers was denied some simple things like a blanket and food.

They say he denied involvement in the crime 89 times before he begun to agree with investigators.

They also say investigators used threats of the death penalty to get him to confess.

After further analysis of his confession, and a lack of evidence, the prosecution dropped their charges.

Two Wisconsin teens still remain in jail charged with killing the Stock's.

We tried to get a response from the Cass County Sheriff's Office.

But they have not returned our calls.