Nancy Reagan’s Escort Is Lincoln Native

If you have watched any of the ceremonies for President Reagan in the last week you have no doubt noticed the man who escorts Nancy Reagan. He is Major General Galen Jackman. And he is a Lincoln native.

Major General Galen Jackman grew up in Lincoln.. Not only is he Mrs. Reagan's escort, he also oversaw the coordination of the entire ceremony. Here in Lincoln, Major General Jackman's parents are watching every moment. Mother, Maxine Jackman, said “When I sit here and watch him escorting Nancy Reagan, there's a great deal of pride and i know he feels every bit of that pride too.”

But Major General Jackman's job entails much mord than just escorting Mrs. Reagan. As Commanding General of the United States Military District of Washington, he oversees all official ceremonies held in and around the nation's capitol. His mother says he's doing what he always wanted to do. “He wanted to be a soldier from the time he was a little boy. Probably about 5th grade was when he made his first comment that he was going to be a soldier and I don't believe that it ever changed from that time on.”

But long before he was presiding over presidential ceremonies, Galen Jackman was a member of the second graduating class of Lincoln East High School. He went on to college at UNL and has served more than 30 years in the military since then.

The Jackmans say they have had a few chances to talk to their son this past week. He asked them if they wanted him to take a message to Mrs. Reagan. The Jackmans said they had him send their personal condolences to the Reagan family.