Nebraska lawmakers dig into details of legalized casinos

Read below for a peek at what the casino could look like
Warhorse Gaming Lincoln Casino / Racecourse From Lse Architects, Inc. On Vimeo.

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Now that voters have legalized casino gambling in Nebraska, state lawmakers are trying to figure out how to regulate the industry and use some of the revenue it generates.

Members of the Legislature’s General Affairs Committee dug into those details in a public hearing focused on the soon-to-arrive casinos.

Some of the proposals considered would prohibit casino visitors from using credit cards to gamble, allow misdemeanor charges for people who cheat and require casinos to set up a way for gambling addicts to voluntarily bar themselves from the facilities.

One provision of a bill would only allow sports betting inside casinos, an idea that drew opposition from a lawmaker whose district isn’t currently eligible to get a casino.

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