Nebraska lobbyists report earning nearly $21 million in 2021, shattering records

According to a new report by Common Cause Nebraska, “if you want to get something done at the capitol, hire a lobbyist”
Credit: Pexels

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Common Cause Nebraska released its annual report on lobbyists in our state Thursday morning, showing they earned a record amount last year.

The 2021 total was $20,789,181, which is roughly $2 million higher than the previous year.

Common Cause says these people and firms attempt to influence our Legislature on a day-to-day basis, gaining influence with campaign contributions, gifts, entertainment and meals.

Since Nebraska doesn’t limit their contributions, lobbyists supply political campaigns with thousands of dollars.

The nonprofit adds that ordinary citizens usually only send our senators $20 to $100 by comparison, and rarely give gifts, pay for meals or provide entertainment.

Common Cause says that’s why “if you want to get something done at the capitol, hire a lobbyist… it will take money to get something done by state government.”

You can read the full report here.



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