Nebraska pharmacies make NARCAN available to anyone

The potentially life-saving medicine is easy to find for anyone who needs it, whether for themselves or for others.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – NARCAN, the medicine used in the event of an opioid overdose, is a bit easier to get these days. Where it used to be used only by first responders, it’s now available at pharmacies across the state, thanks to work done by the Nebraska Pharmacists Association.

“It’s better to have it in your hand so that you can save a life if needed to”, says Project Coordinator Amy Holman. That’s not only your own life she’s talking about. Perhaps you’re getting it for a friend or family member, a coworker, a client, or a dozen other people.

“We want to stop people from having an overdose”, says Holman. “So if we can get it in the hands of more people that can administer it when they’re seeing an overdose, still calling 911 to get emergency help there, but making sure that we can try to save a life if we can.”

After a pilot program in Lincoln, there are 44 pharmacies across the state that have NARCAN available. They can all be easily found at That ease extends to the use of the medicine. This is meant to be accessible to anyone.

Holman explains, “When you’re at the pharmacy they will actually demonstrate for you how to use it.”

It is very simple to use. Each kit comes with a nasal spray that you give someone who is overdosing. From there, you call 911, turn the person on their side, and wait for help. If the person stays unresponsive, each kit comes with a second dose.

You could be the one who makes a difference allowing help to make it on time.

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