Nebraska prepares for abortion fight

On both sides of the abortion issue, people are preparing for the possibility of changes.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – As the Supreme Court deliberates, parties on both sides of the abortion issue are watching and waiting, but there’s lots of work to do in the meantime.

At Planned Parenthood, that work is education, no matter how the decision goes.

“My focus is on everything we need to do in Nebraska to keep access legal and available for the pregnant people who need it”, says Planned Parenthood’s Nebraska State Executive Director Andi Curry Grubb.

Their hope is that things are fair and balanced in Washington, however, they’re ready for things to not go their way.

“I am fully preparing for Roe versus Wade to be dismantled or overturned”, says Grubb. “We’re going to have to fight like hell in Nebraska to keep access legal here.”

That assessment of the situation is one thing Planned Parenthood has in common with their opposition at Nebraska Right to Life, as the Conservative majority on the court does seem to side with the pro-life take.

“That child has everything you and I would have to survive outside the womb; it just needs a little more time for maturity before they can survive”, explains Nebraska Right to Life Executive Director Sandy Danek. “I think our Supreme Court justices who are currently in place have that knowledge and belief.”

The anti-abortion side is hoping for a balanced view of things in the Court, too. According to them, though, our current view of abortion is outdated, and this could be an opportunity to change things.

“Roe versus Wade was decided in 1973, and our medical technology was such that the other side could essentially say, ‘It’s just a glob of tissue'”, says Danek. “But now, with the technology we have we know that is not true. That is a child.”

No matter how things go, this is still a process, and nothing is changing at the moment, but everyone stands ready to act no matter what happens.

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