Nebraska Senators split on impeachment vote

Senator Ben Sasse and Senator Deb Fischer voted on the opposite ends of the aisle though both are Republican.
Ap Photo Trump

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) —In the historic second impeachment trial for former President Donald J. Trump, Nebraska Senators were split on their vote.

Although both Senators are with the Republican party, they sat on different sides of the aisle when it came to the impeachment vote.

Senator Ben Sasse voted in favor of the impeachment while Senator Deb Fischer voted to acquit the former President.

You can read a portion of Sen. Sasse’s statement on his vote in the trial.

“On election night 2014, I promised Nebraskans I’d always vote my conscience even if it was against the partisan stream. In my first speech here in the Senate in November 2015, I promised to speak out when a president – even of my own party – exceeds his or her powers. I cannot go back on my word, and Congress cannot lower our standards on such a grave matter, simply because it is politically convenient. I must vote to convict.”

Sen. Deb Fischer tweeted, “It remains true that Congress simply does not have the constitutional authority to impeach a former president. And rather than take its take time to hold hearings and assess all evidence, the House had a rushed impeachment process that denied President Trump due process. Accordingly, I voted to acquit President Trump. It is now time to come together and move forward,”

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