Nebraska spared worst of storm, but some spots see lowest wind chill in decades

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Dangerous weather is still in place in Nebraska, but it is not as bad as it is in other states. 

The cold blast has or will impact nearly every state this week. 

Nationwide, more than 90 million people are under winter weather alerts and more than 87 million are under wind chill alerts. 

In our state, people driving Wednesday night experienced blizzard conditions. 

“Even though we didn’t have a large amount of snow in Nebraska, we did had periods of times with the winds and the snow last night that did go down near zero visibility,” said Jerilyn Billings Wright of the National Weather Service in Hastings. 

The concern in Nebraska is mostly the cold, with the wind chill in some places hitting 33-year lows.

“This is a rare event,” Billings Wright said. “We saw temperatures in February of 2021 in this area that were colder than we are seeing right now, just the actual air temperature. But the windchill values that we are seeing now, we had not seen since 1989.” 

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