Nebraska State Patrol warns of drunk driving after multiple weekend DUI arrests

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Multiple drivers were stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence over the weekend, the Nebraska State Patrol says.

In a Twitter post on Sunday, NSP Troop C shared that one driver had a blood alcohol content of .427, which is more than five times the legal limit.

“It’s hard to imagine this driver was still conscious,” the Tweet said. “A Trooper took this driver off the road last night. The driver was stopped in Wood River on their way to Kearney. This traffic stop was likely a lifesaver.”

Sgt. Rob Pelster said troopers are trained to look for the signs of drunk driving and are prepared to perform field sobriety tests for anyone they suspect is under the influence.

“It’s really quite incredible that this person could even function or walk, let alone get behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive,” he said. “This is why several of our troopers target drunk drivers.”

The patrol said this past weekend was the first of a special enforcement operation focused on traffic safety during the state high school basketball tournaments.

Over the weekend, the patrol also shared the tests of three other drivers who had a high BAC, including one that reached .384 BAC.

The patrol says every DUI arrest could be a lifesaver for the driver or anyone else on the road.

Bars in Lincoln say that with March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day coming up, they expect to see more business.

Ashley Novak, a manager at The Watering Hole downtown, said if someone enters intoxicated they won’t serve them.

She said they also have food and drink alternatives for anyone who’s had too much.

“We also have all of the taxicab numbers actually behind the bar to be able to call them at a moment’s notice if needed,” Novak said. “At the end of the day you’re not just putting yourself at risk by drinking and driving, you’re putting other people on the road, pedestrians at risk as well.”

State Patrol wants to remind everyone in the coming weeks that if you’ve been drinking, you shouldn’t get behind the wheel.

“It’s not worth it, there are so many other ways,” Pelster said. “If you’re gonna go out and consume, have a plan before you leave. That’s the bottom line. We’re talking Uber, a friend, walk, ride a bike, taxi, there’s unlimited ways to get home, other than getting behind the wheel when you’re intoxicated and taking a chance.”

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