Nebraska wildfire scorches Olive Creek State Recreation Area

LANCASTER COUNTY, Neb. (KLKN) – Wildfires ravaged southern Lancaster County on Sunday and early Monday morning.

One of the areas hit hard by the fires was Olive Creek State Recreation Area between Hallam and Kramer.

Officials say 6 square miles, including the recreation area, were burned in one of the fires.

Late Monday morning, pockets of land were still smoldering.

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Once the fire reached the park, firefighters decided to let it burn.

Crete Fire Chief Tod Allen explained that when there are no houses or structure threatened, first responders will let a fire burn so they can focus on protecting populated areas and property.

He said of the land at Olive Creek, “Some of that, you couldn’t even get a rig into – Or would you want to? – because all the down timbers and the grass was taller than the pickups. … You know, this might have been a good thing just to let that burn.”

With wild areas like Olive Creek, Allen said the fire clears out all the dead and small brush, which will allow new grass and plants to grow.

He said it will be one the most beautiful parks in the state next year because of this fire.

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