New bill would allow insurance companies to cover abortions in Nebraska

Right now, there is a ban on insurance companies covering abortion costs in the state of Nebraska.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A new bill debated at the Capitol on Tuesday would lift a statute that bans insurance companies from covering abortions.

Right now, women must pay out of pocket for the expensive procedure.

“Our current laws do nothing to decrease abortions in Nebraska. They just punish women who end up needing them. Many of these women may already struggle financially and the burden of medical bills incurred from abortion care may keep them in a cycle of poverty,” Sen. Megan Hunt said.

Those who support the bill say this would help alleviate the costs for women with unwanted pregnancies.

“It is safe. It is healthcare and Nebraskans that put hundreds of dollars of every hard-earned paycheck towards healthcare coverage, shouldn’t have to purchase expensive additional coverage to pay out of pocket for healthcare that’s necessary. We don’t have this kind of targeted ban on any other service in Nebraska,” Sen. Hunt said.

Several people who support the current ban on insurance companies paying for abortions also spoke at the hearing.  They said in particular when it comes to Medicare and Medicaid, they don’t want the government paying for abortions.

“Our state should do everything to decrease and reduce abortions. Killing children is never okay and should never receive a thumbs up from our government. There needs to be justice for the unborn,” Mary Hilton said.

“Abortion is not healthcare. Abortion is a terrible and tragic evil that the state should not subsidize or otherwise encourage. Nebraska has a longstanding state policy of protecting the life of the unborn child whenever possible,” Marion Miner said.

Sen. Hunt introduced the bill.  She says she does not expect it to pass out of committee during this legislative session but says she wanted to start the conversation.

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