New casinos and racetrack proposed for western Nebraska

The new facilities could have a positive impact on the local economy

NORTH PLATTE/GERING, Neb. (KLKN)– Casinos and racing could be finding a home in western Nebraska.

Global Gaming Nebraska’s proposal to build a racetrack and casino in North Platte and a casino in Gering would bring tourists, as well as a positive economic impact to the local economy.

Sean Boyd, the President of Global Gaming Nebraska, said, “You’re going to have, you know, if you look at the total pie, we’re going to be contributing you know, over a 10-year period, over $160 million dollars to the property tax relief from just the two facilities in the North Platte area.”

Over 10 years, both cities would be projected to make $84 million for the Nebraska property tax credit cash fund, $15 million to each city, $15 million to each county, and $6 million to the Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission and general fund.

Each location would also create over 180 job opportunities, rating from hospitality, to security, to landscaping and more.

Boyd said, “First of all, our developments are gonna, from the offset be you know $40-50 plus million dollar developments using Nebraska contractors, Nebraska companies, Nebraska vendors, which will benefit from jus the sheer construction itself in these areas.”

The facilities would be expected to bring in significant traffic from Nebraska, as well as parts of Wyoming, Colorado and Kansas, thanks to the proposed locations being right off of Interstate 80.

“You’re going to have high quality, high-level racing that’s going to attract new people into that form of entertainment. Just like going to a baseball or football game. Obviously, it’s not going to be Nebraska football, but it’s going to be a very popular event,” said Boyd.

The Racing and Gaming Commission will hear the proposal on December 17, and if everything is approved both by the commission and the state, groundbreaking could take place as soon as June of 2022.

Boyd said, “We’re seeing a high, high level of support, and so knowing that that’s the case and knowing that both of these cities have the infrastructure necessary to where you can operate these, this would be another new jurisdiction for us. And if you look at our track record, we believe that they’ll bet on us.”

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